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Shodana Ayurveda Center

Chakra-massage: the energy centers of the body are stimulated and harmonized, the energies are channelled correctly.
Marma-massages: stimulation of the large (Chakras) and the little Marma-points of the body that act as intersection points which do the bone, vein, tendons and muscles an important service.
Powder-massages (Udvar Thana): helps to dismantle fat deposits and toxins under the skin, reduces cellulite also
Head-massages (Mukabhyanga): relaxes the entire body and helps combat sleeping disorders, stress and tension.
Thalodal - pressure massages: entire body massage, detects and removes tension. Ideal for athletes.
Abhyanga - ointment application: calming entire body massage for body and spirit using a heated blend of herbal oils.
Shirodhara - warm oil massage: warm oil showers over the forehead that lead to complete relaxation.
Pizhichill - so-called royal treatment: special warm oils are poured over the body by several therapists. This creates a feeling of security and well-being.
Padaphyanga-massages: a technique that treats and results in the harmonization of the entire body through the feet.
Foot reflection massages: stressed points at the foot are relaxed. This has a positive effect on the whole body.
Dorn method: relaxes the vertebrae and its joints as well as gentle redirecting of slipped or shifted vertebrae using a method created by therapist Dieter Dorn.
Cleansing therapy: Consultation over the most effective and appropriate methods for cleansing body and spirit.
Relaxation baths: Special aromatic oils, healing and relaxing baths designed to improve your sense of well-being.
Ayurveda's nutrition-consultation: to help you learn healthy nutrition according to our Ayurvedian methods and teachings.
Vastu - the apprenticeship of the living: through correct arrangement and alignment of your home or dwelling, quality of life can be enhanced.