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Shodana Ayurveda Center


Shodana Ayurveda Center
Annie Wehning
Zum Brökerbach 2

Phone: 05222 - 9629630
Fax: 05222 - 9629629

Data protection

Your personal information and data transmitted to us, are used only in the frame of our offer and are not transmitted to any third parties. Customer data will be stored for the extension of our customer database.


All pictures and contributions of the total websites and parts of it are protected by copyright. Every copy - and parts of it - needs the specific, written permission from the Shodana Ayurveda Center.

Legal reference

Shodana Ayurveda center proofs and updates the information for its web pages continuously. At the same time all contents are carefully worked on and checked. However, Shodana Ayurveda center gives no guarantee for the relevance, correctness, totality or quality of the allocated information.

Shodana Ayurveda center declares explicitly that at the exact moment of the up-loading, or up-link no illegal contents were recognizable on the linked websites. Shodana Ayurveda center has no influence at all on current or future links and designs of those pages. Therefore detaches itself from this specifically of all contents of all linked/connected sites that were changed after the original uploading or uplink. This statement applies to all connected links and references within the characteristic Internet offers.

The website showing the links which display illegal, defective or incomplete contents and any damages resulting from the utilization or non-utilisation of information presented accept no responsibility for this. The provider of the respective website is solely responsible for his or her illegal, defective or incomplete contents and for damages, that result from the utilization or non-utilization of information presented in this way.

All contents, structure and formation of the Shodana Ayurveda centers web pages are protected by copyright. The duplication, change, representation, distribution, transmission, publication, sale, licensing, preparation, alienation or utilization of information or data for which purposes also always, especially the use of texts, text part or picture material, needs the prior written approval of Shodana Ayurveda center.  This exclusion of liability is to be regarded as a part of the Internet offer which we referred to on this page. If parts or single phrases of this text no longer correspond in part or full to the valid legal status, the remaining parts of the document, its contents and validity remains untouched.